Sunday, February 27, 2011

"A New Tomorrow" in Denmark

The last of Saturday's additions to the Eurovision 2011 Roster was Denmark.  The Dansk Melodi Grand Prix was, as usual, chock-full of finely-crafted pop songs, as is standard for the Scandinavian/Nordic bloc's National Finals.  After ten performances (including one by Jenny Berggren, the former lead singer from Ace of Base!), we have a winner!  "A New Tomorrow", performed by A Friend in London.

Denmark seems to have cornered the market on upbeat pop with positive messages over the past few years.  Especially in 2008 and 2009, when Simon Mathew and Niels Brinck took Denmark to 15th and 13th place, respectively...will a similarly-themed tune hover around that placement, as well?  Another thing that the boys from A Friend in London will have to contend with is the possible conflict with Romania's "Change", another uptempo song with a message to send.  Furthermore, Denmark will have to contend with Ireland in their semifinal...who's hair will reach the highest heights?


  1. Ooo, I actually like this one. I think its in my top 3 now actually, along with Norway and Estonia... Now, that may look like suspicious that they are all Nordic countries and all but it is purely coincidence. lol :P Last year, I loved Turkey! If that gives any ease. lol Anyways, I lol'd at your last sentence. Hopefully this one will!

  2. I like this one a lot, but I think I'm still a bit bitter that my beloved Thomas Holm didn't take part in the Preselection! ;-)

  3. There is something touching about this on the surface, but I am not sensing enough beyond that. Also, they sound more sincere in the studio version than in the live performance. The message is much of what makes the song, so they had better sound credible in delivery for it to work ("Diamonds and pearls" lyrics are rather precious-sounding, so it is easy to sound condescending rather than empowering)! Even then, Denmark will not win, but they can still score relatively high.

    Denmark is known for its feel-good entries, so this is far from coming out of left field.

    Does Romania not sound like Denmark this year?



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