Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's Eldrine for Georgia!

Next up on the long list of Eurovision decisions was the Republic of Georgia, giving us either their fourth or fifth entry to the ESC, depending on if you count songs that were selected, or songs that actually made it to the competition!  (Check out my entry on Georgia's history in the contest for more information...)

After seven performances, the eventual winner was the electro-rock group Eldrine and their song "One More Day" (I'm including the studio version of the song along with the live National Final Performance, as lead singer Tamar Vadachkoria was suffering from the flu...)

This is a complete departure from what we've seen from the Georgians; instead of reaching for an emotional ballad, it seems that the country has taken the lead of maNga, last year's runner-up from Turkey, and have selected something completely modern, infusing rock, electronica, and hip-hop into their entry.  Of course, it wouldn't be Georgia without a big-voiced female lead singer, so we've got Tamar!

We haven't heard the entry from Turkey's Yüksek Sadakat, but we can expect that to be rock, as well.  Both Turkey and Georgia are performing in the first half of the first Semifinal in this year's Eurovision...will they cancel each other out, or stand up against one another and both proceed to the Final?  Only time will tell, I suppose...


  1. SUPER!!!12 P. from Germany

  2. I underestimated this entry before it was selected. It is not quite my thing, but it is pretty well made. The rap section is risky, though, since rap never does well in Eurovision. I can imagine this in either 10th place or 13th place in the Final.

    The flu really did take a toll on the live performance, didn't it? O well...

  3. Tamar replaced? By a Sopho? Another Sopho? The third Sopho Georgia has sent to Eurovision?


  4. (Thanks, Stefanos, for putting your name in! I know you comment on here a lot, and it helps to know which one is yours!) Anyway, I just wrote about the updated're just too fast for me! ;-)


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