Saturday, February 5, 2011

In other cool news...

Various ESC websites are reporting that France's representative, the 21-year-old tenor Amaury Vassili, will be singing his song not in French, but rather in Corsican!  If these rumors pan out to be true, it will be only the second time that this Romance language (which is more closely related to Italian than French) will have been heard in a Eurovision performance.  The first appearance of the tongue was in 1993, when Patrick Fiori sang the bilingual "Mama Corsica".  His fourth-place result remains the highest placement for a song in an actual minority language in Eurovision History (and I'm not counting 2003's "Sanomi" from Belgium...imaginary lexicons don't count!!!)

Here's Patrick and "Mama Corsica":

As soon as we have information on Amaury's song, I'll pass it along to you!

(Edit/Update: Yep, it's been officially confirmed by the's "Sonniu (Dream)", a Corsican-language Bolero for Amaury!)

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  1. A bolero, no less! A bolero by the name of Sonniu!


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