Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey, Stefanos! Check this out!

Again, you can always find more news and reviews from my friends at ESC Kaz!


  1. For me? You are too kind!

    Even though Finland is not sending its biggest artists to Eurovision, I can say I am quite content to have Paradise Oskar represent Finland.


  2. Well, you're my favorite Finn! (Or, at the very least, my most loyal one!) ;-)

  3. Couldnt even see much of you in this interview. You're sitting too far apart.

  4. You're so lucky, Samantha! He's one of my favorites. =D Was he hotter in person? :P lol Again, you did so good. It's a shame you can't interview the United Kingdom for me :( hopefully, they get put on your roster. :D


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