Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chatting with Cyprus's Christos Mylordos

And the aforementioned rehearsal...EPIC!


  1. Gosh ... are you going to interview all my favourites???? Who is next? Nina?


  2. I am actually scheduled to speak to her, but it all depends on timing! :)

  3. He did turn out sounding pretty good! I was honestly worried by earlier interviews with him, but now suddenly I quite like him, and that effortlessly deep stare he gives the camera while singing.

    Also, I was incredibly surprised by the rehearsal; extremely promising concept I see here! He could do much better than expected, and I would be happy to see him do that.

    My mother is right; I can understand the lyrics if I really listen.

    I love that you tell him "ευχαριστώ" when you finish!



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