Thursday, May 5, 2011

By popular demand...

...Here's ESCKaz's interview with the lovely Dino Merlin.  He's singing "Love in Rewind" for Bosnia and Herzegovina, first up in the Second Semifinal. I was behind the camera on this one, so I apologize in advance! ;-)


  1. Nice interview too and great camera work of course!
    I wish he would sing in Serbo-Croatian / Bosnian though.


  2. How adorable! He really makes me smile when he starts singing, and that is pretty rare for me.

    I still believe as strongly as ever that he is this year's winner!

    He also speaks English very well, contrary to nonsensical rumours about it. His accent I really love, as well, speaking and singing. Are there any competitors this year who do not speak English?



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