Friday, December 31, 2010

This just in: Yüksek Sadakat for Turkey

Within the last few moments, Turkish network TRT has announced that rock band Yüksek Sadakat (literally, "High Fidelity") will be representing the nation in Germany.  The group was formed in 1997, but really hit the big time in early 2006.  They're known for blending pop-rock with traditional Turkish sounds.  This selection not only defies the rumors of either Atiye Deniz or Tarkan's participation in the contest this year (then again, rumors surround Tarkan nearly every year), but it also goes against the recent trend for the Turks to alternate between rock and hip-shaking pop!

More information is coming...but from all indications, this is not a bad way to kick off the New Year!  (You know how I love it when the Turks rock the house!)

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