Monday, January 17, 2011

An Open Letter to Slovakia

Dear Slovakia,

Seriously?  You're toying with our emotions here!  First you say you're out, then you're back in, then you're out again...and this morning, you shock Eurovision fans by having your name appear in the Semifinal Draw in Düsseldorf.  The officials at Eurovision didn't say very much one way or another, leaving us all bewildered and more than a little confused.  Now you say that it's just easier to send a performer to Germany than it would have been to pay the fine that the EBU would impose on you for a late withdrawal.


So, that's settled, then?  You're in?  Not going anywhere?  We're at 43 nations again?  We're all cool?




(PS: If you end up doing an internal selection, please consider sending Tomáš Bezdeda...his songs for the 2009 and 2010 Slovak Preselections were quite've nearly sent him to the ESC twice already, and if you're going to continue playing with my heart the way you have been, sending a cutie like Tomas would make me feel at least a little better.)

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